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To: Our Newest Text Deliver Member
From: Mark Thompson & Cindy Donovan

The 58 BILLION Dollar Industry At The Tips Of Your Fingers!

We are so glad to have you join Text Deliver! Congratulations!

Not only for having joined Text Deliver, but congratulations for ‘getting it’. You are a pioneer in a this truly competitive space of internet marketing – and the fact that you are HERE, right now and understand the importance of moving with technology instantly puts you into the top 20% of people in this space.

You know, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t always understand the ‘technology’ side of things. Just being here has already given you a head start.

Unfortunately though, with technology – you need to both keep learning and growing WITH it, or… pretty soon, you will lose your place in that top 20 percentile.

The great news is, today we’ve put together a step by step training course showing you:

With silly little mobile apps and websites…

(… even if you can barely operate a smartphone and you’ve never used an App in your life!)


Mobilize Revolution shows you exactly how we’re crushing it with mobile apps and mobile websites… online and offline… without any tech skills or expensive tools.

Unlike other training courses you may have seen, Mobilize Revolution shows you how to create a real business, with multiple streams of income … week after week.

Here’s a sneak peek inside…

Mobilize Revolution gives you the essential training, insider secrets, tools and major shortcuts to create high value apps
and slick mobile websites without hiring expensive freelancers.


Core Training

If you’re new to this mobile thing, start here and you’ll discover the real secrets to success for quick wins and long term income, including…

  • How app marketing works, why it works and how you can cash in starting today.
  • How to spy on the biggest app marketplaces and uncover the secrets to success, even with weird and simple apps
  • How we create accounts quickly and easily in the world’s biggest app marketplaces
  • How to submit your app to the biggest marketplaces without fear of rejection or delays
  • Our secrets to creating apps that get huge downloads and big revenue at the same time
  • How to track your app’s performance and income
  • Our secret resource for easily generating cash from the mighty Google
  • How to increase your app usage and create a viral snowball of new users and income
  • Our proven methods for building your own responsive email list from every app you create (this is where the real money is made from apps)
  • How we get big traffic to our apps and how you can too, for free


Selling Mobile Apps To Clients

If you’re new to this mobile thing, start here and you’ll discover the real secrets to success for quick wins and long term income, including…

  • Our secret niche research to unearth profitable markets, topics, passions and hobbies that will make your app easier to create and with far less competition
  • How to find clients who will snap your arm off for their own app and mobile website, without any hard selling or fierce competition
  • The simple way to sell apps and mobile sites to clients, without learning complicated sales tricks or sucking up to the secretary
  • Our sneaky pricing trick to make it a “no-brainer” for clients to jump onboard, but still make a killing for yourself


Building your own apps with NO technical skills

If you’re not a technical person, you’re gonna love this part.

We’ll show you how to create beautiful, useful and high value apps that would normally cost thousands to create through freelancers…

… apps that you create for yourself…
… or sell to local biz owners for hundreds – even thousands – per piece.

Even if you don’t have a clue about coding…
… and even if you couldn’t design a square box.

We’ll also show you how to create these apps without needing to spend hundreds of bucks each year on App Marketplace accounts!


Selling Mobile Websites to Clients

Every business needs a mobile version of their website… and there are tons of local biz owners in your city who will pay good money for one.

Here’s your chance to clean up, selling mobile versions of their website for big bucks, even if you can’t code to save your life.

We’ll show you how to create stunning mobile versions of ANY website, in just 5 minutes, without spending a fortune on freelancers or learning complex code.


Killer Resources

Inside your member’s area, you’re also getting exclusive access to our killer mobile marketing resources that will save you a bunch of time, stress and money when creating and marketing your mobile business.

  • Lead generating software…

    get thousands of targeted local leads for free, within seconds. This will be your saviour when getting started, and no need to advertise!

  • Mobile toolkit…

    Open up a huge bag of useful tools, resources and additional “ammo” for creating apps, websites, marketing and more!

  • Editable app icons…

    Save hundreds on app icon design for yourself or clients with these ready-to-go icons that you can quickly make your own

  • Editable promo videos…

    Bring your marketing to life with ready-made video openers that promote your app… easy to customize as your own

  • Marketing posters…

    Perfect to use with your offline clients who want to get their customers using their app and/or mobile website… complete with a QR Code and professionally designed graphics!

Submit to the Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores!

Module 1


Module 2

Selling Mobile
Apps To Clients

Module 3

Building Your
Own Apps

Module 4

Selling Mobile
Website To Clients

Module 5


One-Time Payment: $197 $97.00

Backed by our No-Risk
Iron-Clad 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee!

For whatever reason during the first 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with the TextDeliver, simply contact our support desk and we will quickly refund your purchase.

Here’s what people are saying about Mobilize Revolution:

Mobilize revolution made creating my first profitable app a breeze.  I've been curious about entering the app space for quite a while, but I wasn't sure where to start.  This made sense and came with all the tools and access to resources I needed to get started faster. Thank you.

Lance Samuels
Lance Samuels Three Stage Design

What began as a silly dare from one of my children ended up making me money.  My grandson was joking about how I didn't know how to take a "selfie" and the conversation evolved into mobile apps, so I did some research and found your course.  Now my son proudly shows my app on his phone to his friends.

Alan Masters
Alan Masters South Beach

I am SO glad I bought Mobilize Revolution!  This course was fun and VERY easy to follow along and see my idea brought to life!  A few parts I had to go over a couple of times, but all of the videos were organised well which made it quick to find what I needed fast.  My first app took me about 4 weeks, my second... about 3 weeks.  Now I can create a brand new one in less than a few days.  Some of them are more profitable than others so far, but I'm getting better at picking that too thanks to the training.  I highly recommend this to everyone.

Julie Washington
Julie Washington WAHM Tips & Coupon

A competitor in my town released an app for their business and even though my current clients stayed with me, we started to see a drop in new people.  I bought this course and gave it to my staff to study and create our own app.  It was much cheaper than I expected and now my staff knows how to maintain and develop it too thanks to the training.  Since we've started pushing this, business is back on the up and up!

Daniel Lurden
Daniel Lurden Edgewood, OC

This is your opportunity to join this
58 Billion Dollar Marketplace…

This marketplace isn’t slowing down, in fact… in the last 8 years alone, mobile apps have consistently overtaken Hollywood for income generated – and with the resources in Mobilize Revolution ANYONE can become part of this exploding industry.

The opportunity is right here and right now. Click the buy button to secure your access just moments from now.

To Your Success,
Mark Thompson & Cindy Donovan

One-Time Payment: $197.00 $97

Backed by our No-Risk
Iron-Clad 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee!

For whatever reason during the first 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with the TextDeliver, simply contact our support desk and we will quickly refund your purchase.