Effective Date: 14th July, 2016

Text Deliver has a zero-tolerance policy for SMS/text message spam.  Subscribers to SMS messages must have opted into and given permission to receive your SMS broadcasts and autoresponder sequences.

Text Deliver's Definition of SMS Spam
Any unwanted SMS message is spam. No discussions will be entered into.  If the recipient hasen't explicitly requested and specifically granted permission to receive your message you cannot message them.

Report Abuse To Text Deliver
To report any violations or abuse including anything you deem to be an inappropriate use the Text Deliver service, please contact us at Every abuse report is taken very seriously and will result in immediate termination of the offenders account if found to be in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Report SMS Spam To Text Deliver
Please report spam violations, abuse or inappropriate use of Text Deliver immediately via our  contact email. Text Deliver takes every abuse report seriously and will immediately terminate SMS campaigns that are found to be in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

Remove Yourself From A Text Deliver SMS Campaign

If you no longer wish to receive SMS messages from someone using the Text Deliver you can quickly, easily and permanently opt-out of SMS messages from any SMS campaign (for all future messages).  This is done by sending the word STOP to the short code you’re receiving messages from. If you need additional help unsubscribing from an SMS campaign, please contact Text Deliver.

Text Deliver's  SMS Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement
Text Deliver has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to SMS spam. If we suspect that an SMS campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, we will terminate that campaign immediately.